In the beginning, there was nothing … which exploded.

Then there was the universe … which also exploded.

And the planet Earth … which eventually exploded.

Humanity tried to escape this explosion by sending a colony of its best and brightest off into space … but that exploded too.

Which brings us to today, where all that remains is a single malfunctioning escape pod carrying the only known survivors of the human race.

Yeah, humanity is screwed…

SPACE GUYS IN SPACE follows the only survivors of the human race — two guys, Carl and Stew, stuck in a broken-down escape pod, with no engines and only basic life support, drifting listlessly through the galaxy.  Even worse, it’s not even a real escape pod; it’s a fake one, a broken down, training pod decommissioned decades earlier and was, until recently, used by the cyborgs to party in and send the  humans to clean as a hazing ritual. Forced to co-habitate until rescued or (more likely) dead, our two heroes subsist solely on a diet of pizza and beer (harvested conveniently from a wormhole inside the ship) and spend most of their time trying not to die of unnatural causes, or boredom. They are further tormented by the ship’s unpredictable A.I., GUSS, a gorgeous hologram made in the image of Carl’s former unrequited crush. Holding out hope that somehow they may be the seed for the continuance of the species on a new planet, our heroes persevere against all obstacles, whether they be parasitic teddy bears, or space amazons in search of breeding studs.